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We Offer

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At Fresh Start Hope, we pride ourselves on offering a safe and confidential space for individuals with mental illness to express themselves.

We offer a person-centred approach counselling. We are very compassionate and respectful about individual needs and providing them with an adequate care plan.

We provide group counselling. We believe group counselling is an opportunity for people with mental health illness to meet others with shared experiences.  This helps build confidence and coping mechanism, create a support network, and helps reduces isolation.

Crisis intervention/management. we provide a short-term crisis house stay to assist individuals in crisis in a welcoming environment. Our team are trained and supported to evaluate and validate past or present trauma disclosures, such as sexual, emotional or physical violence.

Mental Health Awareness Service/Community Integration. We aim to increase awareness of a healthy lifestyle by creating a health promotion campaign within the community accessible to everyone regardless of race, sex and social class.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to provide a free therapeutic service to individuals suffering from mental health illness in the least restrictive manner/environment.

Our Aims and Objectives

We aim to educate individuals living in rural communities about the importance of a healthy lifestyle through various health promotion campaigns/workshops.  We aim to reduce the stigmatisation of victims of mental health illness. We aim to put our Community Integration programme at the forefront of creating solutions to improve a person’s social, personal, and vocational skills to live more successfully in the community.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help people develop healthy mental wellbeing and reduce loneliness. Help people minimise stigma, improve confidence, and self-esteem by discovering and exploring new ways of dealing with and developing positive mental health wellbeing.

Our Commitment

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  • As a Charity Organisation, we hope to work in the community to serve children, adolescents, and adults working to surpass life’s challenges.

  • To deliver free services in a non-stigmatising manner, accessible to anyone with priority giving to abused women and children in the community.

  • As a charity, we believe in a healthy lifestyle. We will attempt to increase awareness of healthy lifestyles by creating a health promotion campaign accessible to everyone regardless of race, sex, and social class.

  • We will promote person-centred coping and skill-building approaches.

  • We support patient self-care and empowerment.

  • To promote an individualised approach to the delivery of services. These protocols are built-into service tools making health care delivery efficient and effective.

  • To demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the diversity of human thought and expression.

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Our Team


Omo Wesley AkhakielenChairman
Oseremen Mildred AkhakielenVice Chair & Clinical Trustee
Deborah Ejemhen OdigueSecretary & Legal Trustee



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There are no vacancies at this time

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