#Killthefear and #Speakup

#Killthefear and #Speakup


"Asking for help can be one of the hardest steps to take. It's also the most rewarding"


Talking is one of the most crucial factors of counselling. At Fresh start Hope Foundation, we encourage people to kill the fear and speak up. We believe counselling is an essential step towards recovering. Counselling is a space for people to talk and think about their problems with a trained professional interested in listening. It is a place to explore questions of identity and relationships with others.

Psychological Counselling can allow you to get into a better mental state and see what could be holding you back from achieving your potential in life. We aim to be sensitive to abused women and children from all backgrounds, different social classes, and sexual orientations. We have a great team of Medical experts trained in listening and providing the best possible help for those in need. 

Anyone can access our Counselling service. However, we prioritise abused women and children ranging from domestic violence victims, sexual violence, victims of alcoholism and drugs, and victims of modern-day slavery (abused housemaid).