At Fresh Start Hope Foundation, we provide free physical and mental health evaluation, temporary admission, Crisis intervention, Community outreach, and counselling.

Our Medical team are experienced in working closely and effectively with trauma, crisis, deprivation, anxiety and depression. Our team diversity reflects our local community, and our services are offered in several languages to people from different tribes and religious beliefs.

We use a psychodynamic approach in our counselling to understand problems from both the present and the past.

Our services range from physical and mental evaluation to counselling and are available at no cost to people who meet our eligibility criteria.

Our Core Services include

Comprehensive Mental Health Evaluation and Basic Physical Health check

At Fresh start Hope, our free comprehensive mental health evaluation and basic physical health check are designed to assess people’s psychological and physical wellbeing and provide the necessary care plan.


  • We provide a free comprehensive assessment of the therapeutic needs of abused women and children.
  • We offer free one-to-one Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to all adults who have a Panic disorder, Phobias, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), alcoholism and drugs.

Other local Services in Ashford UK

Befriending Service for local elderly people

Befriending provides an elderly individual with a link to the outside world and serves as a gateway to other resources and valuable assistance.

Loneliness is a significant issue for the elderly in the UK.

Ashford community has a high percentage of older adults who need someone to check up on them now and then, with occasional medication pick up from pharmacies and help with groceries.

We aim to provide 1-3 hours on each visit, depending on the client’s needs and volunteers’ availability.